Smart Grid implementations around the world

Smart Grid advantages

  • The use of distributed energy resources

    The integration of distributed energy resources (including renewable energy and micro-sources) into a single energy system.

  • Communication between market participants

    Providing real-time communication between all the participants in the energy market.

  • Lower costs

    Enabling market participants to access meter data leads to lower costs and increasing energy efficiency.

  • Demand management

    Together with HAN, Smart Grid allows for creating grid-friendly consumer behaviour.

  • LV grid monitoring in real time

    It allows you to monitor energy distribution in the grid, quickly identify failures, and to minimize their effects.

  • New services and pricing

    Dynamic pricing allows you to sell excess energy.

  • Supply quality control

    With the new design of smart meters, you can monitor and control the quality of electricity supply.

Smart Grid - a new face of power generation

Smart Grid is a new generation of electrical grid which combines the power distribution network and ICT. One of its most important features is the remote acquisition of electricity parameters data.

What is Smart Grid?

Smart Grid is a large-scale system which integrates various systems responsible for power generation, distribution, power grid operational management, supply continuity, energy market management, customer service, and new services for end users, including those relating to the Home Area Network (HAN) management.

Smart metering

Smart metering is an essential component of Smart Grid. This metering infrastructure is used to remotely collect meter data regarding electricity flow volumes and send the data to client systems such as HAN.

Power Line Communication (PLC)

To ensure communication cost-effectiveness, it is standard for Smart Grid to use the existing wiring system to transfer data. The solution is called Power Line Communication or PLC. As reliability is the main PLC-related issue, in recent years researchers have focused on the development of effective modulation methods for PLC. A number of standards have been adopted (including PRIME, OSGP i G3) in order to promote widespread use of PLC.

Implementations in Poland and abroad

Around the world, Smart Grid systems are being implemented. The largest implementations were carried out in the United States and Europe (in Italy and Spain). In Poland, the first smart metering project (AMI system) is being implemented by Energa-Operator S.A. Atende Software is directly involved in the process, as we are working on the deployment of the MDM system, which is used for meter data acquisition and management. The AMI system implementation at Energa-Operator S.A. is one of the largest deployments conducted in Central and Eastern Europe; and as such, it provides valuable experience for the entire Polish energy industry.

Unique skills

Atende Software is one of the few companies with relevant experience in implementing Smart Grid solutions and its own MDM-class software. Further development of the self-developed MDM system based on the experience gained during real-life implementation is a crucial element of our corporate strategy. An important feature of our software is its compatibility with various meter types as well as advanced multi-dimensional data analysis.

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