Revolutionary Internet television

Internet television is gaining popularity and will soon replace traditional television. A recent study has shown that 44,6% of Internet users in Poland regularly watch video content.

Why Internet television?

  • Effective advertising medium

    Internet TV is a reliable and effective advertising medium.

  • Unlimited coverage

    Poland's largest Internet television stations are watched by millions of unique users.

  • High quality

    A regular Internet connection is enough to watch content in Full HD.

  • What-Where-When

    It is up to the user to decide what content to watch, which device to use, and when to do it.

  • Easy start-up

    All you need to launch Internet television is a good idea and the right technology partner.

  • Low cost

    The costs of Internet television follow the viewing figures. Broadcasting charges in redGalaxy CDN are not as high as fees for leasing Internet connection lines.

  • Security

    Through the use of DRM systems, online multimedia content can be secured against unauthorized access and duplication.

We are a technological leader

The largest CDN
We have built the largest content delivery network in Poland. We support hundreds of thousands of simultaneous streams.
Proprietary technologies
Our products and services are based on technological solutions we have been developing for years.
We support the largest Polish Internet TVs such as:,,,, nc+ or

Advantages of our technologies

Our technologies allow you to launch Internet television quickly and effortlessly, and then distribute content and high-quality streaming to an unlimited number of viewers.

Developed from scratch

Our products and services are a result of many years of research and development. We try limit the number of external components to a minimum, and instead invest in developing proprietary software and technologies. In this way, we can easily create new dedicated functionalities tailored to our clients' needs. Our team consists of experienced engineers who have spent many years developing software, building operating systems and computer networks, and know a lot about multimedia technologies. Our understanding of low-level technologies allows us to deliver very high performance.


We offer a complete ecosystem of products and services supporting the entire mechanism of processing, broadcasting and selling multimedia content.


We watch closely the development of the most important market standards for video transmission. We ensure that our software is developed in accordance with these standards and the latest market trends. We have partnered with major DRM technology suppliers: Microsoft (PlayReady) and Google (Widevine).


We work with the largest Polish television stations and television content providers (see details). We listen carefully to understand our clients' needs and are always keen to implement dedicated functionalities. Our services and software are a combination of our clients' and our own experience.

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